health & Safety

Safety and security at cowboys Music Festival is our top priority, and our company strives to ensure the safety of our attendees at all of our events. In doing so, we have safety and security policies, procedures, and practices implemented throughout our entire venue.

Security measures that we implement include bag checks, pat downs, and ID scans tor all attendees and stall. Please take note our prohibited items list as and all these items can be confiscated upon entry or result in refusal to entry.

If you, a friend, or any patron around you require medical assistance, please do not hesitate to alert a cowboys Music Festival stall member.

If you notice something that seems wrong, please flag down any stall member or security, even if you deem the circumstances to be trivial. Remember, ii you see something, say something.

In an emergency, information may be announced over an internal pa system; emergency exits are marked on every major exit within the tent.


Cowboys Music Festival COVID-19 policy: our company health & safety policy/FAQs are updated on a regular basis in consideration tor our fans, artists, and event workers. With the continuously developing circumstances, our COVID-19 plans and mandates may continue to change. We will continue to update these policies with developments and more details as necessary.

Cowboys Music Festival will follow Provincial mandates regarding COVID-19. The event shall be presented in accordance with the applicable concurrent public health conditions. These conditions may change at any time determined bV the Federal and Provincial governments, instrumentality, artists, or promoters. Requirements can include; changes to capacity, entry requirements such as vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 testing, and masking.

Ticket holders who choose not to comply with laws, mandates, health orders, promoter or event teams, conditions, and rules may be subject to admission refusal without a ticket refund.

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and can lead to severe illness and death; with any public event, there is an elevated risk to exposure to COVID-19. There is no guarantee that the individuals who choose to attend the festival will not be exposed to COVID-19.

Health Canada states that older adults and people of all ages with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk tor developing severe illnesses with COVID-19.

All attendees should evaluate their risk tor COVID-19 severity before they attend the Cowboys Music Festival. Attendees' entrance into the festival voluntarily assumes all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 confirms that they will adhere to any mandates enforced.

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