Cowboys Music Festival
BBQ Cook Off

On Thursday July 12th, 2018 Cowboys is proud to present the BIGGEST barbecue festival in Canada...
 The 2018 Cowboys Cook-Off BBQ Invitational!

IN support of the Calgary stampede foundation 


The 2018 Cowboys Cook-Off will bring Calgarians together to celebrate and promote our Alberta farmers. Starting with the best rangeland, we grow the best grains, which in turn makes Alberta Beef & Alberta Pork simply the best.

20 teams from across the province will test their skills and compete in this inaugural “thrill of the grill”, all-day cook-off!  

Coming together, each team will experience a Cowboys Stampede party like no other. Engage your office and showcase your unique & fun creativity, while encouraging collaboration, communication & teamwork - all while supporting our local farmers. 

Each participating team of 10 will be supplied:


  • 2 LBS SIDE Pork Ribs and 4LBS alberta BEEF RIB bones


  • Smoker, Charcoal
  • Team BBQ Pit Area


  • 10 BBQ Pit Boss Passes!
  • 10 x Two-Person shotgun Chute Passes! ($5000 Value)
  • 50 Spectator Tickets for the Office! ($750 Value)